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What is SnapNet?

A complete netcode solution from High Horse Entertainment. Stop losing development time networking every mechanic, effect, and interaction.

Let your developers focus on gameplay. Let SnapNet handle the tricky bits.

Prediction and Physics

Performs client-side prediction, rollback, and reconciliation automatically for both traditional gameplay logic and rigid bodies. Use the same physics that’s built-in to your engine! Strict determinism not required.

Lag Compensation

Dynamically adjusts how your game compensates for latency as network conditions change. Players with stable connections will never see jittering, rubber banding, or teleporting from those without. Simulation and rendering are fully decoupled and you are in complete control.

Instant and Full Match Replays

Trigger short instant replays for some or all players during a match. Show players how they died or how a goal was scored! Save a full replay when a match completes or stream them from your server in chunks so they can be watched live with a short delay.


Stateless cryptographic authentication and end-to-end DTLS encryption. Built from the ground up for use with dedicated servers and entirely server-authoritative.

Is SnapNet a good fit for my game?

SnapNet supports multiple latency hiding and prediction techniques and can be configured to deliver a state-of-the-art experience over a wide variety of game genres.

Here are some of the ways SnapNet delivers best-in-genre experiences.


Configure SnapNet to perform client-side prediction for your aiming and movement while interpolating the rest of the scene smoothly just like Counter-Strike or Quake. Automatically rewind the game state to perform hitscan or projectile lag compensation with a single line of code. Do you want your rockets predicted like Overwatch or interpolated like Call of Duty? It’s up to you.


Configure SnapNet to rollback and resimulate the entire game state (like GGPO) without requiring strict determinism and without high latency players disrupting the match for everyone else. Set a fixed amount of input delay or let SnapNet determine the optimal experience. SnapNet can seamlessly tune input delay in real-time to adapt to each player’s unique network conditions.


Getting multiple online players interacting with a shared moving object like a ball is a notoriously difficult problem to solve, especially in 3D, and especially while maintaining competitive integrity. This is where SnapNet shines. Use your own engine’s non-deterministic physics engine for the ball! Get your catches, throws, and tackles perfectly in sync.

Unreal Engine Plugin

Just a standalone plugin. No engine forks or modifications required.

Unity Package

Available via UPM (Unity Package Manager). No clutter in your Assets folder!

Custom Engine?

No problem! Reach out to discuss a custom integration.