Offline Sessions

Start an offline session without networking

Having a valid transport is not required and is the recommended way to start an offline session without any networking at all.


To start a completely offline session, set the transport class for both the server and client to nullptr and then connect the client using ConnectLoopback(). This can be accomplished via C++ as follows:

SnapNetSubsystem->GetServer()->SetTransportClass( nullptr );
SnapNetSubsystem->GetClient()->SetTransportClass( nullptr );


To start a completely offline session, set the transport_interface to 0 and then connect the client via snapnet_client_connect_loopback():

shared_configuration.transport_interface = 0;
struct snapnet_server* server = snapnet_server_create( &shared_configuration, &server_configuration );
snapnet_server_start( server );

shared_configuration.transport_interface = 0;
struct snapnet_client* client = snapnet_client_create( &shared_configuration, &client_configuration );
snapnet_client_connect_loopback( client, server );