Learn how all the pieces of SnapNet’s Unreal Engine SDK fit together

Architecture Overview

Get an overview of the architecture powering SnapNet’s Unreal Engine SDK

Networked Properties

Learn how to add and configure networked properties


Learn about entities and their configuration options


Learn about events and their configuration options


Learn how to synchronize and retrieve input using SnapNet

Reliable Messages

Learn how to author, send, and receive reliable messages

Server Rewind (Lag Compensation)

Learn how to utilize server rewinding for lag compensation

Instant Replays

Learn how to configure, save, and play instant replays

Full Match Replays

Learn how to configure, save, and play full match replays

Packet Captures

Learn how to start, stop, and view packet captures

Console Commands

Learn useful console commands when developing with SnapNet


Get answers to frequently asked questions

Migration Notes

Get guidance on how to upgrade your project between major SnapNet releases